My name is Stephanie Memory. I was raised in Muskoka and understand the unique beauty of the area and why so many of us live here year round. With our leading tourism industry and returning cottagers I believe it’s important that each business created is designed with the Muskoka way in mind. I know what it takes to make your business stand out.  I possess over 7 years experience in Website Design, Graphic Design and Photography.

I enjoy learning about each unique business and will work efficiently to get you the results you are looking to achieve. As a business owner I understand you're an expert at what you do. As a professional you believe that you can do your job better than an amateur who knows little about your field of expertise. I possess the tools and knowledge required to get your business noticed online. When you need business branding and materials designed you need an expert. I have many years of experience working with many website design platforms, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom.

When it comes to photography I'm in my happy place. I have many years of experience in all different types of photography. My most favorite images to capture are of people with a beautiful Muskoka backdrop. There are so many! I enjoy editing images to enhance the true beauty of each moment. 

I approach things creatively. Creativity is my main strength backed up by my technical knowledge of design. I enjoy working with all types of businesses in many industires. 

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